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    Anyone else getting spam from Ensim?

    I got a SPAM e-mail from Ensim to my [email protected]

    On the buttom it claims we got the e-mail becuase we "subscribed" to a mialing list. (We never user our sales e-mail address to subscribe to mailing lists!).

    Ensim WEBppliance Pro, the only control panel for professional hosting business is now better than ever! Introducing Ensim Power Tools, the add-on that helps you:

    Design more attractive plans
    Reduce support costs
    Have complete control over your service offerings
    Maintain security over all your users' sites
    I called them and ask what is going on? They asked for my e-mail address and said it will be removed.

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    how many emails did they send to you.. if it was only one then u probably did subscribe to their newsletter

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    Tasmania, Australia
    Somebody forwarded us one yesterday from them

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    I'm getting one a day trying to get me to buy their powertools. Why on earth would I want to buy something that installs scripts that are free anyway?

    Maybe I should casually sue them so I get some money to buy software I do actually want
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