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    Difficulty in making an auction site

    Woulkd you guys say it is hard, and expensive to design a auction website. That is a bit ebay'ish? Do they have auction software you can buy, that is a template? Thanks

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    Just done a quick search and found these - I know nothing about them, you might find somehting better searching a bit longer.

    It may be difficult to get exactly what you need and you may end up wanting to develop it yourself. Design the database structure well and this will save you a lot of hassle developing the App.

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    1. Is it hard - yes if you aren't fully aware of e-com, serverside scripting, and databases, never mind SSI
    2. Is it expensive - yes, you will have to pay for allowing use of credit cards, never mind the software
    3. Do they have auction software you can buy, that is a template - I don't think that would exist, but this is webhostingtalk, where anything you do say can be proven wrong.

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    Disclaimer: I know nada about this software.

    But the Fantastico scripts that come with many webHosting accounts has phpAuction available. You can check it out for yourself though at that URL...

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    I use xcents xcauction pro for my auction site ... feel free to drop me an email if you need any advice.

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    Try taking a look at rwAuctionPRO 3.0. One of the most eBay like although an ASP script.

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    There are lots of scripts you can buy. Costs vary with features (well and sometimes costs just vary)

    So you certainly can get the script you want all set up . ebay often lists auction sites and templates but often these are not really originally coded..just phplinks and other auction software clone.

    The hard part isn't getting the site created...but getting enough happening at the auction to make it worth people's time and energy to bother with the site.
    That is the HARD part

    Dr Renee Levant Oracleweb & Learn Community!

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