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    co-location in boca raton, fl?

    anyone know of good colo's in boca raton, fl?

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    Originally posted by snickn
    Verio has a large datacenter in boca raton.
    Verio is a nice center, but their pricing hurts

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    I am not sure of any in Boca raton but there are a few in Orlando, fl. We have Colo space in data center and the service is great and the price is good. You can pm if you want more info

    P.S I don't work for them they just impressed me a lot. If you PM I can give you contact info for my sales guy he is awesome.
    "Hosting Redefined"

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    Don't really know of any in Boca, but there are a few in Miami and one in West Palm.

    These guys are in Miami

    This is a carrier hotel in West Palm, If you contact them they can probably give a list of Colo's in their facility:

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