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    Tech Layout For Sale

    EDIT: Dropped buyout price to 200.00 If you want this layout now, 200 and it's yours.

    You get:

    Editable .PSD
    Sliced/HTML/PHP coded
    Roll-over buttons (2 sets, left and top)
    PHP News Script installed
    Full rights
    All fonts used


    Reply here or email me at
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    Nice template, would like it even more if it showed up right in Mozilla Firebird

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    Very nice template. good work

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    Is it bidding starts out at $30? or is it supposed to be the same?

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    Yeah, it's suppose to be the same. I had it to where the first bid would win it, but I guess i'll start the bidding at 200.00

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    can you AIM me? QurazyQuisp

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    $100 offer, much less than your asking price, but a start of the bidding

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    This thread is nearly 6 months old.

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    heh, im thinking its probably sold already?
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    I know, but just on the off chance It was such a good template, and no-one seems to have gone for it!

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