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    Good Colo @ HE In Fremont

    Hey All,
    Have mostly been lurking here but decided to post to see what kinds of experience people have had in the HE Datacenter in Fremont......

    Also, which reseller would you recommend for a fairly low commit, ~1mbs/monthly. I have tried e-mailing AlaskanWolf over @, but the e-mails go unanswered. Does anyone have any other contacts over @ HE? Thanks,

    Peter M.

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    1,152 @ fremont is a great dc with very fast and reliable network.

    contact Asia on this forum. icq 123487278.
    he got great sevices at great prices.

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    HE is average network. Their support is good though. If you compare them to L3 and so, they're no where near it lactency and throughput wise.

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    1,152 is definitely well above "average". its not really close to level3 in size and i'd say it does not have the best pings to the east coast and europe. however its very good to the west coast and asia/pacific. there is rarely a " down" story. as of the support imho a network is only as good as the people who operate it so good support means a lot.
    i believe is ranked among the tops of the nation.

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    Re: Good Colo @ HE In Fremont

    Hello Peter,

    Originally posted by e12pilot
    I have tried e-mailing AlaskanWolf over @, but the e-mails go unanswered.
    As far as your experience with fastcolocation, you are not alone:

    Does anyone have any other contacts over @ HE?
    I've been in contact with a few who offer colocation at HE Fremont. Aside from fastcolocation, Asia is often suggested. I have not, however, conducted business with him as far as purchasing of services go.

    My wisest suggestion would be to search the forums for HE, you'll find at least 7-8 providers who would be more than happy to assist you with your low commit. That way you will have a few to select from. The ones I've been in contact with have their good and bad sides, ultimately I did not choose any of them. For that reason, I am not listing them.


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    I've been using Sitelutions Fremont colo ( for about 2 months now. Service and support to this date has been excellent.

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    I have looked around at many providers selling HE colocation and I have found that Asia from Rack4less is the best. Also Sitelutions is pretty good but they are a little more expensive.

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    Long Island, NY

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    I actually submitted a request for a quote a couple of hours ago directly on's web-site, still waiting for the reply. Thanks,


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    Your going to get a very high quote for just 1mbps, I think they do it because they prefer dealing with bigger ammounts and not sell 1 server at a time, not that i blame them for it.
    From my personal experience with HE's datacenter thru Asia, i can say that both have been doing great for over a month now, the bandwidth is good, and the support (from Asia) is quick.

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    Hi All

    If anyone has been trying to get ahold of me for the last 14 days, I was out out town on my once a year vaction in the alaskan wilderness hitting it up with the local wildlife

    I am getting back into the swing of things and will be responding to all my emails over the next few days that have got unanswered, you can also reemail me @ [email protected] if you got questions

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    Hmm.. Is this one man company??? so who is handling the support while you are away ??

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    I have a few racks at I love the place, especially fremont! The techs are awesome. They know their stuff, and they are quite funny as well. They cater to my needs, and give me great laughs while they're at it.

    I would not recommend dealing directly with, as you will not be paying for a lot of space. As you know, resellers buy a ton of space and can give you lower prices for smaller solutions.

    I would recommend going with argon blue. They resell bandwidth and colocation.

    I think it's a $50 setup fee, and $18/month/1U

    1 mbit would cost you ~$100/month + above prices.

    (800) 710-8004 x1 for sales
    or deal with my buddy jason at x401

    I don't work there, by the way .

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    Thanks for the compliments, guys.

    A friendly word of advice -- when choosing a reseller, you may want to do some research, see how long they've been in business, and make sure they're not overselling by major amounts or overcrowding their rack space.

    Since HE Fremont's default is 15A per rack, you've really gotta be careful with power :-).
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    Originally posted by Eiv
    Hmm.. Is this one man company??? so who is handling the support while you are away ??
    Nope, however, i handle sales and billing, we have 1 sys admin on staff and 4 techs that handle tickets.

    Because of our structure for both dedicated and colocation customers, we dont really need any techs "on site" at the NOC. Customers of ours call the NOC directly 24x7 for any basic support, of they cant call, they email. One thing we offer that others dont is a toll free support number

    We try keep as low overhead as possible, because low overhead means lower prices. We are one of HE's largest resellers in terms of colocation services. We have quite a few customers in both hosting and colocation. Many people on WHT have servers/services with us and they enjoy the service, just do a search
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    HE is OK. If you Colocate there you will notice that their Cabinets are a lot smaller than most facilities (40U) and that they don't provide as much power (15A compared to 20A).

    On the plus side their cabinets start at $400 while their pricing on direct bandwidth is INSANE. (Always go through a reseller).

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    XO has a datacenter in fremont
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