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    * PM me with details!

    Rite, ive decided to start making graphics for ppl that need then, im flexible, i can do logos, banners, buttons, signatures and avatars, i have a fairly large portfolio of my signature and avatar work, and theres a few banners there too.

    It is fairly sketchy, but i will deliver the goods, and host them if necessary.

    There is a small charge obviously, but it will vary depending on what im making.
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    * Cheap graphics!

    im thinking $10.00 a banner/header
    $5.00 for a signature and avatar set
    $7.50 for a logo
    $3.50 a button

    step right up ladies and gents, dont be shy, reply or pm me for details if youre interested
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    You should change the title of your original thread probably.

    You are OFFERING graphics, not REQUESTING them - doesnt take an einstein to work that out - cheez some people.

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    i cant edit the thread's main title for some reason

    [mod edit: I corrected it for you. - Coach... no need to bump with a reply of thanks ]
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