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    Counter-Strike / Issue

    Hi there, I host Counter-Strike servers and I'm wondering if anyone knows how to solve this problem. Once in a blue moon (i think the moon must be blue right now) a server will stop responding. When I view the screen it still seems to be up. I can ping the ip, etc etc, but it basically acts as if its not bound properlly to the ip (even though it is). I notice that when this happeneds, and I try to restart the server.. (the server that the Valve Anti-Cheat updates are downloaded from each time a secure server is started) doesnt respond and forced the server into insecure mode which also will not accept connections or respond to anything. I'm wondering if anyone has had this problem and/or knows how to resolve it.

    And on a sort-of side note, does anyone know how to start a server in insecure mode and also accept internet connections (-insecure will start the server but will only accept lan connections)

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    The name servers your server is set to goes down/does not work in that time. It can't resolve to the appropriate IP therefore it can't get the information. You get the same problem when you try to run CS servers on a computer with no internet connection.

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    Normally I'd agree with you 100%, because, well, you are 100% correct. However this is only 1 of 4 servers on this box. They are all in the same subnet, yadda yadda yadda, everything about them is identicle and if i CHANGE the ip that this server uses it works fine. its only this pariticular ip that now seems to be 'banned' from the server. if this is like any other case of this i've seen in the past, it will probably start working again in the morning (i've found waiting about 12 hours fixes the problem, but obviously 12 hours of downtime isnt a good thing)

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    sounds odd to me, check any nat/firewalls you have setup to see if anythings being filtered to that address. as for your question on setting the server as insecure, you should have a file located in your cstrike root directory named "liblist.gam", in there it contains a variable "secure" which by default is set to 1. you will of course need to change it to 0, save the file, and restart the server.

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    awesome! thanks!

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