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    Need hosting. No Jargon please.


    We are starting a business in the UK and need hosting for a database driven website.

    Our webdesigner has suggested we need a dedicated server or co-location, he drafted this email for us to send to potential hosts.

    Dear Sirs,
    We are interested in a dedicated server running FreeBSD 4.8. we would consider colocation, or renting a server from you depending on the prices involved. Once the server is live we are capable of setting up the software required, but if you provide an already configured FreeBSD server, then PHP, MySQL, Apache, any POP3 and IMAP mail servers and Tomcat would all be
    handy to have installed. It would also be useful if the server were
    Preconfigured as a DNS server as we will be needing to manage several domains.
    What sort of hosting facilities do you have? Do you have UPS, and if so how long does it last? What prices do you charge for data transfer? could you please send me some prices of servers that you rent out, and Information on colocating my own machine on your premises?

    We understand none of the above, so jargon free answers would be welcome. My question is, where can we go for a good deal with a well established reliable company?
    Does it matter whether our site/s are hosted in the UK or abroad?

    Thanks in advance


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    If you are so averse to even the terminology of web hosting, and plan to remain so, you probably need to hire a webmaster to handle this for you. Someone needs to look after the server after it's running also. Servers are easier to have than children, but harder than toasters.

    Probably you want a real data center, not someone who runs servers in the spare bedroom. Real data centers are not hard to find.

    There are a couple of other threads here about the merits of colo vs. dedicated (rented) servers. You need to read those, or have someone do it for you. Beyond that, your choice of host depends a lot on your budget and priorities for reliability vs. cost. The decision requires some research expertise, and no one can make it as easy as buying a toaster.

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    Is the site you are building targeted specifically to the UK audience or a worldwide audience? You may not even need a dedicated server as many web hosting companies can provide this to you for a very inexensive price and handle all the server software and administration for you. If you are just starting out, I would recommend a normal web hosting account for $10-30 so you can free up some capital for growing the comapany rather than spending so much money on a dedicated server or colocation, which would be overkill considering your current situation.
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