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    template needed for high-school website


    Would any good web-designers here be interested in designing a clean, easy to use template for a high-school website for free?

    Our high-school is in desperate need of a more professional and clean-cut web site, we would appreciate any kind people willing to help.

    View the current site:

    As you can tell, it's awful. We're not looking for anything flashy or complex. Just a very clean, easy to use site that presents information clearly and maintains a professional sort of appeal to it.

    If you are interested please reply to this post or PM me.


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    i will do it for free contact me on aim or msn or icq
    look in my profile

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    Ok, thanks, what's your MSN addy? I looked in your profile and its not listed there..

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    If the deal falls through with DWHAdamX, then I would also be very happy to do a nice clean, quality layout.

    All my contact info is below in my sig. Thank you.

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    Email me.....I can help you.

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