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    * Need Designer - Own Half Of A Network

    I am building a network and I am needing a designer to build the site. The designer will get to own 25% of the company and will get 25% of what I make. I am looking for a designer that has great ideas. You will get paid 25% of what I make and thats all.

    You will have say in what the network does. Also get paid 25% of what the network makes!

    If good enough I will let you own 50% of the network that means you will get 50% of what the network makes.

    If you are interested in doing this please post your email, aim, yahoo, msn, icq.
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    Hello ,

    What Kind of Network is it ?

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    The network is just getting built and it will have many kind of sites on it. It is a network for all companies. It will sort of be like a chain but everybody will go to this network though.
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    What incentives would companies have to sign up with this network? You aren't being very clear as to what this network will "do" to make money per say.
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    I have found someone that is making the design. I am still looking for some partners though.
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    wat is the role of the partner and how do u all make money
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    What are the theme of the sites and network of sites about ? How would it be of help to the people you are targeting ? What are your long and short term plans for the business ?
    What are your projections based on your market research ? - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions
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