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    Buy 1 - get 2 free!


    I have for sale the following 3 domains: (paid one) (free one) (free one)

    All 3 for $33!

    (I will go down lower if you can give me a reason to!)

    Endless possibilities with these domains (especcially, which would be good for vhosts).

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    Price drop

    Doesn't seem to be much interesting.

    Heres an extension to the offer:

    Purchase these 3 domains for a total of $33, and
    I will give you free hosting for a month for all 3 domains.

    That is (per domain)
    50mb webspace
    1gb transfer
    5 x pop3
    2 x mysql
    php, ssl, ftp etc.
    Price after the free month: $2/month per domain.

    Show some interest =].

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    $20 for all 3? they are .org's
    No free hosting needed.

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    I can't do $20, but I can do $30. ($3 drop).
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    Nice domains...

    I can make some nice vhosts with those =].

    I think we should negociate, because they're worth alot of money.

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    Talking to yourself Juarez?

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    lol anon-e-mouse.

    Its rather funny, because if they worth a lot he would have just bought them for 33$.
    But I am guessing they were one and the same. lol
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