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    Thumbs up MUST SEE!!! Chelsea Football Club - FOR SALE!!!


    I am selling this domain,
    This domain is suitable for Chelsea Football Club die-hard fans website.
    Example, Official Fan Club of Chelsea FC, the Un-Official Website of Chelsea Football Club...
    And also suitable for other online businesses like webhosting, webdesign...etc
    Coz' Chelsea is a nice name too.

    Starting Bid: $20 ONLY!!!
    Buyout Price: $100

    Minimum Increment Bid: $2

    Registered with NameCheap.
    FREE Easy Push-Transfer.
    12 Months Left!!!
    This Auction will ends in 24 Hours!!!!!


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    For info, currently,

    are already registered.


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    Why don't you offer it to the owner? Roman Abramovich... He paid $25 million for a Romanian player, Mutu, and a few more millions for other players. I'm sure he can afford another 25-30 bucks for your domain...
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    3 more hours left...

    Anymore bids?
    Currently is USD$20

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    It's 5am here now and I really need some sleep.

    Send me a PM if I win - it'll be answered by 15:00GMT


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    Currently, highest bid is USD$30.
    Auction will ends in 2 Hours time!!!

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    Auction ENDED!!! got the domain for USD$30.00
    P.M. sent....

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