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    Question FTP needed for TIFF files?

    Iím making a cartoon website and would like to set it up so paying customers (newspaper editors) can click on a link that will download a tiff image file. It seems to me the best way to do this would be with ftp because if itís done with http, the browser tries to display the image which isnít what I want. Iíd rather not zip the image since making things harder for editors is frowned upon.

    How could I set this up? The images would ideally be stored in a password protected directory (eg. CARTOONS) where the editors could download what they want with a single click. Could I just point the link to ? Do I need ftp accounts to do this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    you would have to give each editor an account. The best way would be to tell them to save the image (In knonqueror its right click->Save Image As...).

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