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    noob apache nameserver question

    I need to host two websites on one server with one ip.

    How do i do so, what docs do i need to edit and where?

    right now i really only need to get one site up, the other one can wait.

    so my second question is what do i put as the name server for my domian name host? they requier two vales like (, ( but with just an ip what do i do?

    the website is viewable view the web, i just need to get the nameserver working.


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    I suppose if you're stuck with only one IP and don't have two gateway IPs you can use, you can create and and have them both redirect to your only IP. (You have to create both as users will need a primary and secondary nameserver for registration/propogation even if they lead to the same IP.) And you would do all of this at your domain name registar in the host names or nameserver section.
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