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    Mandrake Linux Corporate Server 2.1

    Has anyone used it i know it costs money but does it run well and well is it any good the money issue is not a problem just tell me if the features are better than redhat and all the other OS's .... im gonna run a webhosting site just to tell you

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    If you are going to use it for just Web Hosting, Mail, etc... Just download 8.2 and use that, save yourself the money.

    Corporate Server is based for high end, multiple CPU based systems. It also includes some Commercial packages that you really don't need for hosting.

    But if you are going to download 8.2, kick a few bucks thier way and sign up for the "Mandrake Club". Help keep Open Source alive and competition healthy.

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    well whats teh best besides mandrake to run a server i know red hat is good and freebsd is more advanced for me soo im guessing that i will use red hat

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