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    Greetings Web-hosts/resellers:

    I just got started as a reseller. I've got some marketing ideas that I'm working on, but I'd like to hear:

    How are you specializing / adding value-added services and products to your web-hosting/reselling business ?

    I know one should go with one's strengths... and should probably outsource stuff that one finds overly time-consuming or that one is not extremely good at. (For instance, I can DO web-sites/HTML, but I'd rather pass off the work as a referral to a designer.)

    Interested in hearing what others are doing. I figure it's a big enough Web where we won't be stepping on each other's toes anyways...

    Thanks !

    -= David Raasch =-
    [email protected]

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    Um... Just as a first thought: work on a web page that you don't have to scroll up and down so much for. No offense and all that. It just reads a little amateur. There's a fairly small amount of information that actually has to be seen on the initial page, and the rest can be taken care of with links.
    I recently helped a friend design a site using a free web creation tool available at It's got some snazzy looking templates and a good linking architecture.
    I like your content and all that, it's just that people will be a lot more likely to read it if you divide it up on different pages.

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