For 1 week only we will be offering our VPS soulutions with a 10% discount. Your discount will stick with you for the life of your service. Below are the details of our VPSs.

Linux VPS (link)
- RedHat Linux
- 4 GB Disk Space
- 40 GB Network Traffic
- 10 IP Addresses
- Full Root Access
Normally $75/moth, now just $67.50/month

FreeBSD VPS (link)
- FreeBSD 4.x
- 2 GB Disk Space
- 40 GB Network Traffic
- 1 IP Address
- Full Root Access
Normally $65/month, now just $58.50/month

Our network is a quadruple-homed network with four physically distinct 45 Megabit connections, each from a different provider.

Our servers are at least Quad Xeon boxes with at least 4 GB of memory. The disks are all 15,000 RPM SCSI disks mirrored with RAID.

Your server will be backed up on any schedule you give us, and you will be able to give us firewall rules for your IP(s).

Extra disk space is a $2/gig/month. Extra bandwidth is $2/gig.

Questions or comments can be posted here, or emailed to me at [email protected].

When signing up please enter WHT-JULY03-[USERNAME] in the additional info area to get the discount.

All servers will be setup w/in 24 hours after your order is completed.