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    list of east coast dedicated server providers?

    We need some servers for the east coast. We are looking for reliable companies with fast bandwidth (no cogent) for our game hosting division.

    I have only found 2 and know there must be alot more than that.

    Can anyone list some that are reliable, fast, friendly etc?


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    Well... I'm surely not able to give you an exhaustive list, but:
    - FDCServers is in Chicago. They use Yipes with Cogent as a backup. (Unless you go for IRC, which is pure Cogent.)
    - DedicatedNOW is (I believe) in New Jersey. I think they're in NAC?

    You might be able to find some more by searching for NAC and dedicated servers; I'm betting that there are a plethora of dedicated places hosted in NAC.

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    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    Hi Brad Nelson,

    I was actually faced with this exact question a few months ago. I run a rather large game server. Anyway, after a lot of searching, I'd *highly* recommend Superb Servers. They're located in McLean, Virginia and provide some of the best and most reliable bandwidth around for the money imho. I tried a number of providers before Superb Servers, and the pings have been consistently the lowest here.

    Hope this helps...

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    We've been with CIT/Foonet for quite some time now and currently have a sizeable prescence in their datacenter. They are located in Powell, OH. Check them out here.
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  6. #6 - I believe they have data center in McLean, Virginia. Nice network and peering... and backed by Superb Internet (, a strong hosting company that has been around for years

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    Versehost is also in the east coast. They are in Parsippany, NJ. They use NAC bandwidth.

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