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    Mod Profiles

    I think it would be a good idea for all the mods to write up short bio's on themselves and post them somewhere. Don't know why, really. But it seems like it would be fun and promote that good ol' community spirit.

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    Will try to do this sometime. You really don't want to know the whole ugly truth... - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    Originally posted by Chicken
    You really don't want to know the whole ugly truth...
    Errrrrrrrr, no, just tell us what we want to hear.
    Thank You, Sesran - Web Hosting
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    Originally posted by Sesran

    Errrrrrrrr, no, just tell us what we want to hear.
    I wanna know the "whole ugly truth"

    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    well, here we go, a quick overview of "Me"

    Im 21, Male and live in a small town in the UK called Ellesmere Port, close to Liverpool, which you will all know better.

    I work for an IT Company in Birkenhead, this is also close to liverpool and am contracted out normally to Vauxhall Motors (aka General Motors) as a Database Developer.

    My hobbies are Beer/Lager, walking, cars (I drive almost everywhere) and obviously Computers and how they work.

    I have one dedicated server and administer another for a friend, I came to the web hosting biz from my experiences with previous hosts and found out that MattF lives within half a mile of me when I found WHT, lol

    Most of the time I am on IRC/ICQ chatting, or on WHT, I dont quite get as long online now since I just got my own house, you can see the pics at

    I assist in the online areas of a local Pirate Radio Station along with another guy that designs the site, it can be found it - it only runs at a weekend but there are archives for you to listen to, its all free, as thats the nature of pirate radio.

    And thats me, im sure there is more but thats all i can think of at the moment. - Fast Professional UK Web Hosting

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    I'm right behind you.
    I think you should spend some more time on about sections and extra for the forums.. do something similar to SItepointforums...

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