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    James Guest


    After doing nothing different with our web site we are noticing a slow down in sign ups this month that is not quite matching traffic to the site. Everything is same as last 5 months and traffic is same but sign ups are much lower.

    Is June typically a slow month for other hosting companies?


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    We are actually experiencing more sign-ups this month than normally.
    The months March and April were bad months for us.

    There might be some signs of the "summer-rest" coming up, I wouldn't know any other explanation.


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    We are having a big increase in sign ups. I also agree, it may be because of the summer.

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    I don't really know for sure, but I'm guessing the reason is due to the summer. I suspect that the majority of web hosts' business in the shared hosting market comes from the home enthusiast. During Winter, and the long Winter nights, people are more likely to spend long times online, as it beats going out in the cold. Whereas in summer, people are more likely to stay out late, in the Sun, instead of staring at a computer screen.

    Just a theory. I know it works with me (my online costs are greater in Winter than Summer).

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    Yep, it's the summer... Slows things down from May towards July. IT in general slows down in july people hesitate to take commitments and to make up for it they speed up in August.

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    I agree,
    So far, June/July has been the slowest period since I can remember. I find myself with too much time on my hands... =( ... I've been told (as stated) that the summer months in the IT industry stink! Though, that makes sense... most of my competition (as well as myself) markets to the end user, so the IT theory is out .... <sigh> ... any ideas on what to do with boring days?!

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    We've maintained a pretty steady 190-225 sign-ups a month so far. One reason you may see a shift is the search engines have sprung back to life, updating much more frequently, shifting results around. 75% of our sign-ups are SE generated and we've actually held our rankings - which we think accounts for steady sign-ups.

    Chris Marks
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