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    Post 2 server specials - one for medium bandwidth and one for heavy bandwidth

    Right now, Neoservers Web Hosting ( has two server specials running.

    SPECIAL ONE -----

    This special is designed for sites that want to run scripts that most shared hosts don't want to support, IRCd's, or other various things. This server is also excellent to run as a server to back up data to.

    Pentium III 800 Mhz
    512 Mb RAM
    30 Gb Hard Drive
    50 Gb Bandwidth

    If you want a control panel, we can hook you up into our H-Sphere 2.3 Patch 6 server, or we can get any control panel you wish.

    $15 setup
    $75/mo - lasts for one week only

    SPECIAL TWO -----

    This server is designed for people who want to host websites, run their websites that use massive amounts of bandwidth. The server has the power to support programs that use huge amounts of RAM and CPU resources.

    Dual Pentium III 1 Ghz
    2 Gb RAM
    5 Mbps total transfer

    $100 setup - may be waived
    $750/mo - if you order the server with a 36 Gb SCSI hard drive
    $800/mo - if you order the server with a 73 Gb SCSI hard drive

    NOTE: Only 6 of these servers are in stock.

    Once again, if you want a control panel and do not wish to pay a monthly for Cpanel, or the setup of other control panels, we can let you manage your server with our H-Sphere 2.3 Patch 6 control panel.


    I now have URL's for these servers on the Neoservers Web Hosting home page. - Server Special 1 - Server Special 2

    To discuss these servers, including getting one with modifications, please contact me!

    AIM: NWH Help
    MSN / Email:
    Yahoo: Jakiao
    ICQ: 153546995
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