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    Dedicated Server (again)


    I know I have asked before but can everyone send quotes to me for a dedicated server. I am looking for a PIII 800 (or higher) 256+ RAM and a large HDD. I need as much bandwidth as possible and need WHM/CPanel or similar.

    Can you also detail your support services etc.

    Please send to


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    PII 933mhz
    256mb of RAM
    100 GIG of Transfer
    9 GIG SCSI
    *Unlimited IP's (must be justified under ARIN regulations)
    $275.00 per month
    No Setup Fee's
    Ensim Powered

    Servers will be powered by a Solid Yipes Backbone, where Network Magazine has named it product of the year.

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    You got mail!

    Highest Regards,
    Edmund Barna
    Chief Operating Officer

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    I can give you a discount on our Dual 800Mhz, 256MB RAM, 60GB IDE HD, 100GB bandwidth and Unlimited IP's for $349.95 with a $150 setup. If you would like to order this or have questions please contact

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