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    Arrow Net2Phone account w/ minutes for sale (paypal)

    Have you ever wanted to make a phone call... but then you noticed you're on dial up, or someone else is occupying the house phone?

    Well, I have. I signed up with Net2Phone, and purchased $25 worth of minutes today. Just a few minutes ago, I later purchased an additional Vonage phone line.

    If anyone is interested in purchasing this Net2Phone account from me, I would gladly accept a PayPal payment of $25.00.

    Please only contact me if you are a serious buyer, I can take a screen shot of my account to prove the minutes are in the account.

    Rates with Net2Phone in the U.S. are .2 cents per minute, calling from your computer to ANY state. The software is free.


    PM me to purchase.

    Check for other rates:
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