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    i have a quick question. when i do a whois on some domains, i get the regular contact handles like abc123. These are usually registered to someone like "lastname, firstname". Sometimes, I see abc-ORG. The name of these are Network Operations Center or something commas. Anyone know how I can go about getting one of these contact handles?


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    Sure, I will be glad to explain ...

    abc123 is a simple contact that can be read as:

    LastName, First Name (ABC123) [email protected]

    But with the ORG, you can have the contact to read in right way not the backwards just like this:

    FirstName LastName (abc123_ORG)

    Hope this helps

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    ok, got it. but the question still stands, how do i get one of the *-org contacts? Every contact handle i have is in the abc123 format.

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    haner, when you create a handle, you have the option to specify if it is an Individual or Role Account. Role Accounts are the ones that appear as you mention. When you set it up, you just reverse the first and last names so that when a WHOIS is done, the name is correct.

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    great, thanks annette

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    That's an old thread....feel like resurrecting it

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