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    Offering my design service

    I provide complete service for your web/print design needs I have offered my service to more than 40 clients over the past years. I emphasize on usability, effectiveness, and innovation in my designs. Utilizing technologies such as dHTML, Java, Flash, I create dynamic designs that will help you achieve success in online presence. All of my work consists of very high quality and is aimed to impress you and your customers.

    If you already have a vision in mind, I will be more than happy to collaborate that with you. I'll work with you and keep you updated with my work.

    -3D Modelling
    -Complete website
    -Flash Intro/Website
    -Flash Banners
    -HTML Banners
    -Static Banners
    -GIF animated Banners
    ... and more, including various custom designs

    Please see my past work at

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'll be more than happy to help you.

    Thanks for your time

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    I'm not a customer [or a competitor ] but I'd just like to say that your design as well as the others you've created (from the ones I randomly looked at) look really good.

    Just a note though, but I'm running 1152x864 resolution and some of your fullscreen headers tile for me.
    Aron Nimani - ICQ: 37043389
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    Well...I'm a competitor (kind of...not too many clients so far), and I agree, you did a really good job with your website. Keep it up, I like to see good html design is not dead.

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    thanks a lot.. but it's darn hard to get noticed though.. there are way more people who designs than those who wants to be designed

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    Hey, take a look at my site and tell me if anyone could help me redesign the site much better.

    Thank you!

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    Change the layout.

    I would recommend that you but the back arrow back in. I was looking at your work and I had to search to find the way to go back to the menu, not good.

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    Hi NOD!
    I Added you to my ICQ List!I would like to speak with you!

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    sorry about that.. try pressing backspace to go back
    i'll modify the window later today... or maybe add a back button

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    Back Button

    Personally I like the window minus all the usual stuff (ie. Standard buttons, address bar, etc.) my suggestions are;

    (a) put in a back button graphic, something along the normal for browsers but fitting the look of your site.

    (b) I have seen scripts that read the visitors screen resoultion and then automatically centers the pop up window to the visitors screen, I like it when little stuff like that are looked after by websites.

    Besides that, awesome site.

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