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    Post design for hosting

    Hello. I'm a first-timer here... though I've heard a lot about this place from, hehe.

    This is a post of both Web Hosting Request and Web Design Offer... but I guess it fits here more.

    I'm willing to do a site design in exchange for hosting.. Here are the features I'm looking for:
    - 10mb~20mb space
    - 1gb~ bandwidth
    - able to run CGI scripts anywhere (not just cgi-bin)
    - able to run both .cgi and .pl scripts anywhere (not just either one)
    - MySQL
    - hopefully Telnet access and PHP too, but these are not required

    Not a lot of features, I don't need a lot of space or bandwidth or even server usage too. It's not a big site. (which is why I can't afford hosting for it)

    What I can do for it:
    - A site designed for you
    - Graphics
    - Perl scripts
    - Flash (limited)
    A reasonable size of any (or all) of the above items. Considering the little amount of space and bandwidth I need, I guess I shouldn't be asking for too much.

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    I tried to email you, but you have that feature turned off. I sent you a pm instead.

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    i sent you a PM as well.

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