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    I had a horrible experience with these guys. I strongly recommend not using them. Their servers were down for over 60 hours without any explaination why. No apologies. Just a few rude and arrogant e-mail replies. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE GUYS. webhost2 is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    What is your URL hosted with them?
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    You won't get a lot of sympathy here unless you have something to back up your claims.

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    Here is what happened to me over the course of my time with Webhost2.

    Things were going well for a few months. I had never had any contact with a human from the company, but I was happy because the automated e-mailings were all I needed.

    A few months after that, I noticed an issue with one of the scripts installed on the control panel. There was a nasty bug in it which was allowing anyone to send anonymous e-mails from my domain. For some reason, the person or worm involved in exploiting this script sent a few e-mails full of junk to my address. After I had investigated the problem, I contacted WH2 support and asked them to disable the script. Well, again, no contact whatsoever, except for a confirmation of my support ticket request. I kept checking the script, and after about two weeks, I THINK (iirc) that the script was disabled.

    So, a few more months went by. I was only using the services very lightly, but I had only noticed a few short periods of downtime...which I figured was normal.

    Fast forward towards the end of my first year of hosting, things started to go downhill. I suddenly started to lose e-mails, and by chance they happened to be some very important e-mails. I had not noticed right away, but when I did, after investigating the problem for myself, I frantically contacted support.

    And waited.

    And waited.

    And waited.

    Great, at the time I really needed it, I had no means whatsoever of contacting my web host.

    I had just paid for my second year of hosting at this point. But, my money was wasted. I had to move to a more reliable host ( in fact) rapidly.

    I went back to try and get my files from the server, but for some reason I couldn't access the control panel through my domain. It turns out that, without reason and without any notification whatsoever, WebHost2 whipped my dedicated IP from under my feet and put me onto a shared/virtual hosting plan (I suspect this is breach of contract or somesuch). They also changed some of their nameserver/mailserver domains around (by the way, I find it very strange that they should be using so many different domains for their service... is one they use(d) for some mailserver).

    A few months into hosting I had decided to host my domain name elsewhere and point a few A-records to WH2 (I was provided with a dedicated IP). I guess they assumed nobody understood / took advantage of the fact that dedicated IPs and shared hosting are different.

    Anyway, I can't even use the space I have paid for (still got the best part of a year left on my account) with another domain or as backup space (e.g. via a subdomain).

    Anyway, I've learnt my lesson. Cheap isn't nessecarily the best option.

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