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    * Increase your income.

    Dear fellow web host talkers,

    My name is Brad, and I am a proffesional web page designer. I am currently looking for anyone that feels they need to update their image. I am trying to find a permanent webmaster position, but a small, free-lance project is also fine.

    I am 18 years of age, I have over four years of internet experience. I am a competent, motivated person, who enjoys solving problems. I have designed full sites for web hosting organizations and other sites such as, (Only helped)

    I design excellent, attractive, fast loading banners. I am very experienced in the web hosting industry, and know what sells. I am also a very experienced marketing planner. I know where to advertise for maximum return. How to design banners/buttons/etc. that will make users want to click.

    I am a valuable asset to any web hosting company wishing to increase their profits through design/look/advertising, or just update their image.

    I can design full websites which even include PHP. If databases need to be accessed, etc.

    If you would like to employ me either for a project, or a full time webmaster position. Please contact me either by ICQ, E-mail, or phone. My contact information is
    Phone - 801-865-6573
    ICQ - 121758023
    E-mail -

    Brad Durden

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    You could try:

    there's lots of money to earn if you are a talented and experience person.

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    There's also

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