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    Dave Guest


    I will keep this short, we are on the Alabanza network which has the most rock solid servers I have ever seen, with one of the easiest control panels you will ever use. And we are dedicated to supporting our customers. If you would like to see what some of our current customers think of us please take a look at our reviews http://www.hostsearch.com/showcommen...ompanycode=57. So if you are looking for a reasonably priced hosting plans, and want your emails responded to within a hour, and your phone calls answered please take a look at http://jrc-hosting.com. We even have a fully functional package set up so you can experience the control panel and all of our features before you even sign up, you will be able to upload your page test your scripts and even set up POP3 email accounts, all before you buy. We also offer a unique way of getting started, when you fill out the form to order your package, your package will be fully functional within a hour. You can then begin to start uploading your page via your IP address until your domain name has been modified. Within a few days after that you will receive a invoice in the mail which you will have 30 days to pay, if after that 30 days you are not happy with our services, then we will help you move your domain to the server of your choice, and you do not owe us anything. To date we have never had a unsatisfied customer at the end of their 30 days, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, it will cost you nothing to give us a try, and then we can add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.

    Thank You
    JRC Systems http://jrc-hosting.com

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    Red face

    To date we have never had a unsatisfied customer at the end of their 30 days
    My question would be then, how long has your company been running and how many clients do you have?

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    Dave Young Guest


    We reestablished our company about 5 months ago in Illinois and we have over 60 clients from all over the world, with our furthest client being in Croatia. And as of today we have not lost a client, nor have I ever seen any negative comments towards our company, but if you do find one I would love to see it. I know we are a young company compared to most of them out there but I feel we are off to a very good start. The client knows exactly what to expect before they sign up and they have 30 days to decide if they want to stay with us or not before there bill is due. We do not offer services that we can not provide, and so far are clients are very happy with the service they receive. We do not claim to be the company for every client, and that is made perfectly clear within a minuet or so on our site. All I can say is we are very happy with the response to our services and we are very proud of the support we provide and our reviews http://www.hostsearch.com/showcommen...Companycode=57 that reflect that support our customers are provided with.

    Thank You
    JRC Systems http://jrc-hosting.com

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    I am a JRC-Hosting client. I was an ex TrueHosting and BurstNET client. JRC Hosting have the best price/support I've seen yet. Dave went out of his way to help me. And I thank him very much. He cares alot about his customers. Oh, the speed is great. My site is www.irebound.com

    Best Regards,
    Scott Intarapanont
    iModus - interactive methods

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