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    Hi there,

    i am looking for a webspace provider willing to host THE HOMEPAGE NETWORK, it is a subdomain service, see it at

    I want to make a deal with you. You offer me free hosting for it and i will place an ad on the homepage, saying "hosted by..."

    We do at the moment have about 2000 user redirections with up to 60.000 redirections a day. Due to our concept, traffic is not even 1GB yet! Service is still growing, great chance for you to become known a 'reliable provier' in between our members!

    Our demands:
    - reliable host!
    - fast connections, short ping times in the world
    - own IP (currently 5 domains linked to the account)
    - requires PHP3, mySQL
    - if possible Apache Webserver on Unix-like OS
    - a cronjob for daily inactive user deletion (just some SQL-Queries)
    - (the cronjob is currently running a binary written in C)
    - preferrably additional Perl with DBI (mysql)

    Please contact me at [email protected] (dont reply here) if you're interested in hosting it or if you do have questions.

    Thank you
    Bruno Haller

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    manhunter Guest


    visit they are good

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