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    Need Xskin 1.6 (not 2.0)

    Hello guys, please help me out, I need Xskin for my Cpanel and for WHM version 1.6. I have Xskin version 2.0 (the newest one) but I don't like it.
    Please let me know, maybe we can trade. I will give you my new Xskin 2.0 for Cpanel and for WHM and you will give me the previous version of Xskin for Cpanel and for WHM.

    Thanks a lot

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    It looks like you are not aware of what has happened over the past few days.

    The X SKINS are now the default cPanel skin, older versions of the X SKINS are no longer supported. I suggest that you look at the new "x" theme. If the reason why you don't like the version 2.0 is because of the header (lady, monitor, etc), you will more than likely enjoy the x theme.
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