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    Can someone give me some ideas/suggestions for this site please?

    Im looking for some ideas and suggestions for
    The site has only been open for less than 2 weeks, well the forum has and the work on the site just started last night.
    I would really appreciate some help on the design of the site and any ideas or suggestions people have of what to add to the site and or forum.

    Thanks a lot,
    John Diver - Canary Island forum and information - International Travel Chat Forum and information

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    I can sum it up in three words: Another WHT Clone.

    The pixel font is too big, I can hardly see the orange text on the navy blue background.
    Don't just ask point blank questions, search first.

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    YAWN, why dont you go and play on your forum, huh? When people get that wht clones get 0% respect here. FYI site sucks i think i went blind.

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    yeah no offence but dude the site is ugly, and common let it rest WHT is here and here to stay dont be rippin the idea just another usless clone
    Sincerely, Dylan Ostafie
    Webpage/Graphics Design/webhosting

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