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    * How do I measure my monthly bandwidth on Win2K server?

    I am new to dedicated server hosting world... and my site has been live for just 2 weeks. My hosting company is claiming I used 195 GB traffic - I believe I only used about 0.5 GB so far. Is there a way to count all traffic using any Windows software?

    Thank you!

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    Webtrends will do it for you. Good luck, that's quite a discrepancy.
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    Ask them for proof of this figure and what they used to measure it.
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    They show me charts by multi router traffic grapher... with some astronomical numbers and traffic patterns NOT matching my actual usage that I see in Webtrends. So the numbers are either taken from someone else's switch or there's some other error somewhere, but I need to prove it to them. What I am looking for is some simple way to count the traffic going through my network card - this way I can always know what's going on.

    Any help is HIGHLY appreciated!

    Thanks again!

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    Do you have more than one site on the server? What is the main use of the site, do you have downloads on it or do you send out bulk email?

    Check the IIS logs to start with?

    Has your server got all the latest Security Patches, if its a fresh Windows Install did your provider install the latest service pack and patches before they handed it over to you? Maybe it has been compromised and is sending out large packets.

    PM if you want me to take a look for you.

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    You could install SNMP and use MRTG to monitor the NIC. But that wouldn't help you prove the usage of the bandwidth already used.

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    How to install SNMP and MRTG in a W2K Box?

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    I could probably help you if you PM'd me or just google for it should be a few good guides.

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    Some quick steps (abbreviated to get you going) to install MRTG and SNMP on Win2k.

    1- Start the SNMP service on Win2k. Or, if it is not installed,. then install it. it comes with the OS and it is an option in the control panel / add-remove programs / add-remove windows components / management and monitoring tools / simple network management protocol.

    2- Install Active Perl - get it from

    3- Get and configure MRTG -
    Download -
    Get the latest .zip version.
    Then configure using this:

    When you run MRTG from the command line initially, you will give it the IP address of the interface for which you want to monitor bandwidth on. it will then create the config file that will run to generate the graphs on an ongoing basis. then run the command that makes it run as a service (daemon) all the time.

    Make a virtual directory on IIS to point to the directory where the images and HTML files are created. Then browse to that site to see the graphs.

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    Is it possible that your Mail server is not secure and someone is using it to relay spam or large mailing lists without your knowledge?

    Even still 195GB of traffic is a lot to be doing from mail, and is also a lot to be doing in 2 weeks with a new site. What speed network card does you server have? All seems a bit fishy. Is the site a new site or is it a site that has been running for some time which you have moved to a new server?

    What is your site, do you offer downloads or have a large image database?

    Regards - Windows Hosting, Resellers and Dedicated Windows only forum.

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    Please note enable SNMP service on win server is not secure

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