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    Has anybody already tried the reseller plan of ?


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    Yes and i encourgae anyone too use them there domain setups and control over domains is out of this world. They need too add something to help with billing but everything else in there control panel is cool.

    Signing off for now Eddie

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    Thanx for your reply.
    2 or 3 questions :
    How much the uptime of their server ? Is really that they have 99% of uptime ?
    If you have a problem, does they answer to your mail quick ?
    May you tell me one of your domain under fasthosts so I can test their line ? Even via e-mail if you want ([email protected])

    Thank you again

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    Allen Guest


    I am thinking about using and would like to know what you think of them. You can contact me at [email protected]

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    I have talk with the support of the and this is my impression :

    - the support answer in about 24/48 hours (it's ok for me)
    - The unlimited space reseller account have theese limits :
    2Gb/months trafic for every domain
    10Gb/months trafic for the sum of the domains
    you cannot exceed the limit of 10Gb/months AND/OR the 2Gb/months for the domain.
    - you can have the personal DNS server at L. 100/moths but you cannot register on it american domain but only domains.

    This is too limitative for me right now.

    If you have some more information i would be happy to know

    Siz :-)

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    Allen Guest


    I was unaware of the exact limits on the account, thanks for the information. I'm not likely to exceed those limits at the moment, but i'm not sure about the future. I don't want to commit for a year and then find it is not enought.

    What site would you recommend for a reseller ?

    Allen (-:

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    Right now, for unix web hosting i'm using LinuxWebHost.
    For Windows Nt i'm using Burst for the big solution & webstrikesolution for the small solution


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    Allen Guest


    The Fasthosts website doesn't answer all my questions, and they don't seem to be responding to my email.

    Have you ever had any problems contacting them ?

    Basically I want to know the following (can anyone help with any of them):
    1) How many database connections are you allowed ?
    2) Do they have SQL Server 7.0 (does it cost more) ?
    3) Can I have access to raw server logs ?
    4) Can I do server-side XML processing (using MS XMLDOM) ?

    I have seen all these offered by other companies. However what attacts me to Fasthosts is the free adding of additional domains, all other sites seem to just have a discount for new domains.


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    >1) How many database connections are you allowed ?

    I think that the connections are unlimited

    >2) Do they have SQL Server 7.0 (does it cost more) ?

    No, they don't allow Sql Server on any server.

    >3) Can I have access to raw server logs ?
    >4) Can I do server-side XML processing (using MS XMLDOM) ?

    I don't know, sorry


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    Allen Guest


    I contacted Fasthosts by phone. They confirmed the transfer limits at 2GB per domain and 10GB in total.

    You are allowed unlimted number of database connections to either Access or Foxpro (SQL Server should be coming soon)

    You can download raw log files from the control panel.

    There is no server-side XML.

    Windows2000 should be coming in about a months time.

    I was told that the priority they have at the moment is setting up a shopping cart. After that SQL Server is the next priority.

    Does anyone know of a site that hosts with server-side XML ?


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    why why why choose an UK provider when you can get an US one for the 1/3 of the price? Other things are that UK providers tend to be "backwards" and "stuck" in their price structure (sometimes useless). I am in the UK and never will I choose an UK provider over an US one.

    Ah, before you say. Because a provider is located in the US doesn't mean it's slow and useless.

    A good UK provider but based in the US is / ultraspeedUSA

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    I have found that sometimes it is just plain harder to get thru to a US based host, even if they are good. [ and I host with the good ones ]

    I have 16-17 hops most of the time and for every hop the risk of something being faulty increases.

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    Allen Guest


    Coreace, what package do you use on I'm looking to host 3 seperate sites. With the Fasthosts reseller option these additional sites will not cost me anything to set-up. However, with Ultraspeed I need to pay an additional monthly fee.

    Now why are they better ?


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    Allen, you can give Jordan Gross a ring or email [email protected]

    An another UK provider and hosted in the UK and not abroad.

    Allan, it's personal taste I have always used US ISP's and never have had any problems regarding "the hops" don't look blindly how many hops your server is. UltraSpeed is compared to the UK ISP's a decent contender, don't just look at the price itself give Jordan a ring he is based in London and I am sure he can be flexible to offer you a solution better than what you have found on their webpage.

    No, I am not hosted with them and receive no credit. Good hosts don't come cheap i.e have a high pricetag on their virtual accounts but whooo years in front of their UK cousines. Oh..well that is just me got this paranoia for UK ISP's and at some stage I was planning to run a similar service like F9's because I was tired of all these useless/incompetence services that floated around couple of years back.

    Or I could host you myself but then again the server is in the US.

    If you would like some options or advise in good providers UK/US please feel free to email me [email protected] Finding a good host can sometimes be a nightmare and one's good comment can be useless for an another. One's good experience may be different for an another... and so on

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