Dimension 8 Webhosting is holding a contest!

What Kind of Contest?

Dimension 8 is looking for a new look and that is why we are holding this contest. Whoever can design us a 1 page template for us to use as the new design of our site will win the following:

1 Year Webhosting
100mb of Space
5GB Of bandwidth
25 Pop3 User Accounts
Control Panel
Your domain hosted or a subdomain
No Ads
Option to purchase extra year of hosting for half price (or 10% off of any of our other hosting packages)


The design has to be a 1 page template, so we can use PHP and make the rest of the site.

Flash is not allowed. All coding must be in HTML and the use of Gifs/Jpegs are permitted. However, the main contents must be in HTML format so we can edit it later.

Your logo must be original, please do not use our logo, we want to change our entire site.

Please place all credits (links back to your site and so on) at the bottom of the page. Not at the top.

Your design must be ORIGINAL. Anyone caught or believed to have copied someone elses design will have their contest entry removed.

If your design wins, Dimension 8 becomes the sole owner of the design, however, we will keep your link at the bottom of all pages. At no time may you request to have the design taken down or use legal actions to force us to take the design down. This is considered a legal contract, you agree to give us full ownership of the design as long as we keep a link back to your site/email address at the bottom.

How To Enter

Once you've completed the entire design, please upload it to a temporary URL and send us an email to [email protected] with the following information:

Your full name
Your email address
URL where we can find the design
Your Age
URL to your website

Please make sure the subject is "Design Contest".

Note: Please do not enter our contest until you HAVE finished the design.


All entries must be recieved by July 31, 2001. Please read the "How To Enter" section on how to correctly enter our contest.

Winners will be announced on August 1, 2001 and will be contacted on August 1, 2001.

More Information

If you would like more information about our contest, please visit
http://www.dim8.net/contest.htm or email s at [email protected] or...

AIM: Dim8Web
Yahoo!: Dim8Web
ICQ: 118343155

Have a fantastic day!