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    Raq4 Update & PHP Problem

    Somehow I missed all the talk about watching
    out for the 15959 update and what it would do to my
    Raq4 if I had packagemaster php installed.

    Nonetheless, I'm at the point now that I need to find a
    solution. I understand that it may be possible to uninstall
    all the Raq updates back to 15959 then uninstall the PHP package and then re-install the raq updates then re-install

    My problem with that plan is that some of the raq updates
    involved are SENDMAIL updates; I just spent 3 days getting
    my Spamassasin working again, so I want to be careful about
    how I go about changes.

    Is it possible to just uninstall the PHP package (PHP Release 4.1.2-3 ) and then re-install it? Or is there a better/easier solution to this.

    Thanks, in advance for any help

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