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    Steve From England

    I have 5 clients who wish web sites to be built.

    What is the most cost effective way to buy domain names for them, arrange hosts etc

    Should I register htrough there own account and just build the sites or maybe register domains for them at a price and arrange hosting??

    Thanks for any info

    Fiarly new at this game!!


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    You want to make money (or else you'd be doing something else), so consider this:

    While it is easy to charge $70/yr for domain registration (convert $ to your Britty Bucks ), and then register the domain elsewhere, it isn't always easy to pick a host.

    You picking hosts for them (as if you were hosting them), puts support and service all on you. This, put another way, means your buttocks if things go wrong.

    Just realize the good and the bad. it may or may not be worth whatever you charge your client (over the hosting package).

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    Become a reseller. If you are building the site, you should also support that client.
    If you anticipate more than just 5 clients, look for bulk reseller plan or for a virtual server.

    If you think that you will only have these 5, then look for a good discount plan.

    Remember that if you provide the hosting accounts for them, then you get a residual monthly income, IE you keep making money from month to month.

    Mike Astin
    [email protected]

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    Like I said though, keep in mind that you should charge something decent to host your clients. Biggest mistakes I made were:

    1) signing up for a reseller account and then not charging enough over the cost. It became irritating to deal with problems for the extra $5/mo I was getting by reselling the account.

    2) giving a friend some extra web space I had for a small yearly fee. Pretty much the same problem.

    Beig a reseller carries rewards as well as problems, and you can't just move multiple sites around as easily as one account. Just try explaining why your customer's control panel changed twice and why they get less space now than before, heh.

    Of course if you drive the account (behind the scenes), and your customer never sees these things, or you never discuss space, features, etc., then you don't have a thing to worry about, and reselling is a great way to go. (Or virtual server as MikeA said)

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