Hello All,

I'm here to offer web systems/scripts programming and template designing ...

I can program any kind of scripts you need.. all scripts should related to hosting (belong to this section) , eg, client managing, billing system, helpdesk .. or all these together.

This is my resume:

I'm a professional web developer that made hundreds of private projects before I employed as Developers Team Cheif 1 in `DevelopersGate Network' ..

I have passed some tests with high scores, I earned good certifications .. All tests I passed was made by BrainBench.com and it endorsed by `International Webmasters Associations (IWA - http://www.iwanet.org)`

Web Certifications and tests I passed:

PHP 4: I made this test at BrainBrench.com , my score was 4.5 (Master Score) ... Quotation from results: "Results demonstrates a clear understanding of many advanced concepts within this topic. Appears capable of mentoring others on most projects in this area. "
- Check test details here : http://www.brainbench.com/xml/bb/tra...ml?pid=4477078

Proessional Looking, Great Desiging

I'm not just a professional web coder, I also make a great professional looking in all scripts I code.. I'm also web templates designer...

If you want me to code a script for you, please type a full description here (reply) or PM me (ONLY IF PRIVACY NEEDED), also, please tell me the options you want it ...

Description should contain:
1) All needed features
2) Platforms you use (OS, Control Panel - if there, like cPanel - , ...etc)
3) Examples (pictures, similar websites ...etc) - this is preferred but not required

Programming Options:
1) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased .. (This will raise the price )

2) Install the script on the website ( Will reais the price )

3) When you want the project to be completed (It should be after July 15, if its VERY small script, it should be before June 6)

About template designing, my templates will be very good looking, but you should know I'm not VERY VERY professional on this topic, so, my templates will be very cheap with great looking, don't ask me for examples please..

1) I'll be paid by iKobo.com, so, if you don't have iKobo.com account, go and register one, its free..

2) If your script is big (eg, complete system) . you will pay me first 25% of the price before I start working, and 25% when finishing half of script (you will test it) and 50% when finishing , in small scripts you pay only when finishing it..
NOTE: I'm who decide if the requested script is big or small..

3) In case you requested a template, you will pay $10 before I start work and $10 after finishing the work, in case you don't like the template, I'll design another one for you for free.. in case you don't like it, you don't have to pay the final $10..

As I mentioned previously, type your request here or PM me if its private, please, don't give me links for requested you made at WHT, I won't open it.

With my best regards,