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    PHP Services! (cheap)

    Hi all.. I'm looking to cure my long periods boredom by trying to get some php work to do... Below is a list of websites that I currently have (not all are completed) but they all have a lot of scripting involved.
    100% scripting
    A lot of scripting...newspaper site..
    This company is never more, just so you know...

    Depending on the job, I would charge either a flat rate of $15.00/hr or a base price. If paid by hour, you would receive detailed (not a hand me down) timelog. If you need a script redone for better efficiency I can do that as well.

    All payments would be via PayPal.

    Email me if interested:

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    All i can say is WOW!

    I contacted this guy yesterday and in just 2 hours he coded some things for me that i thought were impossible without using modernbill or phpmanager.

    Great person to work with!


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    Goes in "Job requests" thread
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