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Thread: FTP problem

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    FTP problem

    I am trying to FTP to a Windows machine at my house from a dedicated server via SSH. I know that I can connect out but I just cant connect to the box at my house.

    The Windows machine is behind a Linksys router. I have opend port 21. I can use CuteFTP and it finds it just find, just not via SSH.

    I am using the Windows box's IP to connect to also.

    Anyone know what might be my error???

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    I might add....

    The Windows box has BulletProof as the FTP server and I am using ncftpput from SSH.

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    I have now added Serv-U to the arsenal but still can't get a connection established to the Windows machine.

    Please, feel free to jump in at anytime here!

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    Does it acctually pick up the connection to the server and login but not allow you to list directories or download/upload?

    Or is it a completly refused connection?

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    It is actually saying that it is timing out.

    Could not connect to -- try again later: Connection timed out.

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