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    * Any host for me?

    I am developing a Real Audio/Video based website. So I need an Unlimited Storage and Unlimited Bandwidth Transfer account. Other features I wish include PHP, MySQL databases, Full CGI, Real server, etc. Even though the features mentioned above are not a problem, I really need the Unlimited features mentioned earlier. Is there any host catering to my needs?

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    OK ... I can host you for unlimited price ... Please contact me

    ps: seriously ... avoid host offering unlimited storage and unlimited bandwith for a limited price ... avoid it like a plague ... unless if the host offers the feature for unlimited price ... However, if you know your needs (storage and bandwith) than I (and most hosts here) would be more than willing to help you out


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    Well, I will make a better offer. $200 less than the unlimited price dektong offered. :p

    Do not dream of unlimited diskspace and bandwidth. They simply don't exist.

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    nicely put sarcasm dektong.

    arun_k_d, you may notice a few controversial conversations on this board re: unlimited

    some people offer unlimited as you require, but make sure you read their TOS and AUP before signing up, and make sure when they say "reasonable bandwidth" you find out what their meaning of "reasonable" actually is.

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    One more think while I am on a RANT & RAVE, find me a host who offers unlimited bandwidth. I'm sure you say "well so and so offers it" LET ME give them a site to host I will put them out of business tomorrow. I bet they will like hosting my "3 Terabytes (TB) a day" site on their UNLIMTED PLAN since it's only $10 a month. NO HOST CAN EVER, EVER COMPLETELY OFFER UNLIMITED ANYTHING. IT DOESN'T EXIST.

    Because if they draw to much traffic, MCI will turn them off eventually, and if the communications systems don't work right because MCI offers unlimited then the National Denfense System will shut off MCI. Get the picture?

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    OK OK, I know you are annoyed, ive cut it down from 3 replies to just the one, hope you understand, just to let you have your say
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    There are lots of hosts for you. There is no shortage of those willing to take advantage of anyone that believes in unlimited transfer.

    No one can make a fool out of you without your cooperation. Hopefully, this discussion has taught you not to cooperate. Despite assurances by flim flam men that they can provide unlimited transfer (usually referred to as unlimited bandwidth), they simply can't. It is an impossibility simply for the reason that bandwidth must be paid for (a fact that they will skate around and ignore). Bandwidth suppliers charge it to NOCs, NOCs charge it to their clients (the hosting companies), and the hosting companies must charge their customers in some fashion or other.

    They can charge enough that they can afford to pay for the occasional high usage customer since most accounts won't use much at all. However, if you happen to have a high usage account, you may very well discover the very real limits on that account touted as unlimited when you hit them and get shut down.

    There is also the closely related cpu and resources usage, another limiting factor these shysters will gloss over and not mention.

    If you look for the impossible, you'll find plenty of hosts willing to offer it. You'll also get what you deserve.

    Knowledge is power, but only if you use it.
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    Originally posted by Duster
    No one can make a fool out of you without your cooperation.
    Completely OT:
    Duster, may I quote you about this in my signature?

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    Help yourself (that means "yes" in case you don't understand the idiom).

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    Unlimited space/bandwidth could mean unlimited hassles.

    If there was such a thing, Yahoo/Hotmail/Google would
    not need large number of servers etc. They can just take up an 'unlimited' account.

    The best plan of action would be to -
    a)Make a detailed analysis of your requirements including number of visitors expected, space required, processing involved, etc and then come up with technical/resource requirements. You can allways ask in WHT about this
    b)Look at what you can afford or what revenue you can generate.
    c)Search through WHT or post your actual requirements.
    d)Make your decision based on the above.


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    OK...I've decided to take Matra's advice...

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    See what you started

    Can't hardly say "unlim***d" around here without a fight breakin out

    But that's a GOOD thing. . . . . . .
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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