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    Ok, the deal looks good to me, so what I should really ask is if anyone here has used this company.

    One of their deals caught my eye today.

    Celeron 500, 256MB RAM, 20GB HD, 4 IPs, 100GB/monthly transfer $335/month. No Setup.

    They also toss in Plesk for an extra $40. Not as many IPs as I'd like, but the extra RAM and 100GB of transfer is nice. I believe the standard is 50GB these days. Since I'm already pushing 50GB, more is better.

    Is this company any good? I hope to hear some feedback on them before signing up for anything.


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    i know of one site using them and they pull in 100GB/month with no problems on a raq3 cobalt server...

    i did have contact a catalog rep a few months ago about a cobalt raq server on special, but after alot of emails between the sales guy, they stopped responding to my email after i missed the special which somehow ended a day earlier than expected...

    instead i went with for dedicated linux server p3-500, 128mb, 10gb, 50gb/month for US$405/month which now is US$379/month and i got free setup on special with but normally is US$250

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    I host with and they are really great! The support is very responsive - I have requested extra IP's, DNS, and basic setup info and they have resolved all my problems within the hour I contaacted them. As far as connection and bandwidth, I have experienced no problems.

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    Thumbs up

    I have a Raq with catalog. I did not know how to set it up in the beginning, so I called for some help. They got it up and running and mailed me an actual manual.

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