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Thread: Cobalt RaQ 4's

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    I was surfing the net, and decided to head on over to Cobalt's website. I stumbled across a new product, which I thought I had heard of before, called the RaQ 4. Here are the features:

    -Linux OS
    -Apache Web Server
    -FrontPage 2000 Extensions
    -Majordomo List Server
    -FTP Server
    -128bit SSL, SSH Support
    -Bandwidth Management
    -Integrated support for PHP
    -Chili!Soft ASP
    -Interbase 6 SQL Database
    -RAID 1 (disk mirroring)

    Note that it ads PHP Support, ASP, SQL Database and RAID 1.

    Its PDF File can be found here:

    But it now supports an Intel Pentium 3 450. Look at the PDF. Though the downside is they are expensive.

    Just thought I would inform you all.

    Adam "fibroptikl" Lysne
    [email protected]

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    Where do you see a PIII label?
    Can't find it anywhere... or it's just too early for me today bah need a coffee I saw this; "450 MHz Intel compatible processor" which is still an AMD 450MHz...

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    If they run Chilisoft ASP they'd better have a PIII...that will kill it!

    Chris Marks
    KBS Web Hosting

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    It is amazing that in it's 4th version... they are still using a crappy K6 CPU and UDMA. The interface has been added some features but otherwise nothing great... Thinking of "all" the negative with a such an overpriced machine I still would like to buy a RAQ 4r Scottlaw mention somewhere that he's Intel machine didn't boost that much of a difference from the previous RaQ3 and I think the same, it is fair to say that this machine is capable of handling jobs beyond what RaQ2 and the Cube's ( never buy them).

    At the end of the day it's your personal choice that counts. The new RaQ4r should be more than enough for most people. I am waiting in excitement for the RaQ9p which will have a P3 600

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