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    I have been shopping for a dedicated / colo provider and I have it narrowed down to:

    Price is a concern but not as much as reliability and speed. I have not decided to go with a leased server or colo. This all depends on the packages that each provider has.

    At the moment I don't need much more than 10gb of bandwidth but I expect to need much more than that in the coming months.

    Machine wise, I don't need anything too fancy:

    PIII 500
    128 - 256 RAM
    2 x 10 GB drives
    Preferrably running RedHat 6.x with sendmail, apache 1.3.x, Bind, etc....

    My price range is around $200.

    I can administer the box myself.

    If you could lend me your wisdom I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Check they have a great service and are always available for support. We used them when we were on RaQs (which I don't recommend) and were very impressed.

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    jordang Guest


    We can do the spec you specify at $200 per month with a $400 setup fee...

    ICQ: 43106664

    Jordan Gross

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    Whatever you do, do not go with so-called "Superb Internet". We had to leave them almost right after signing up (that was about 6 months ago). They had severe network performance issues: it was impossible to transfer large files reliably and requests for smaller files would simply time out. They would not acknowledge that they had any issues, even though everyone in the customer support forums was complaining.

    To be fair, they did appear to be technically competent and fairly responsive otherwise. The problem was probably with a provider upstream of them. However, they should have acknowledged the problem, and then switched over to another provider immediately. As it is, we had to move our site in a hurry and nearly botched a new product release.

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by tabernack:
    [B]I have been shopping for a dedicated / colo provider and I have it narrowed down to:

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    Thats what most people forget. They see a great price, but with a great price comes poor service.

    For right around the same price, actually a little less, We can provide you the same solution. We feature around the clock support where a live technicians answers the first ring every time. As well as connecting you up to a T3 burstable backbone.

    I would love to offer you some references from plenty of current satisfied customers.

    Please email me at [email protected] or call our sales office at (316) 619-6923

    Web Works
    Charles Baker
    (316) 618-6923 Ext 101
    "Were making the web work for you"

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