I'm starting a new reseller information site and am looking for people (resellers and hosts) to help write the articles to go on the site.

I'm getting several questions from people saying "Ok, what do I do now?" and think that there needs to be some kind of support in place for them. I know that http://www.recellar.com exists, but it's designed more as a search engine than an informational site.

Things I would like to have are, credit card options, advertising options, getting potential clients, a listing of different resellers and information about them (in a spreadsheet format) so people can compare easily, things to look for in a reseller, basic CGI, SSI, SSL, HTML and UNIX help, etc.

This site is NOT a place for me to get new clients, but a site to provide specific information for resellers. Full credit will be give to each person submitting an article, including a link to their specific site.

So if you are interested, please let me know by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

The current URL is http://reseller.amadns.com but if you have a cool domain name, let me know.

Mike Astin

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