When you sign up as an affiliate, we give you your own administrator panel to track your sales and links to our web site. You can place our banners, buttons, or text link on your site. Each time someone clicks through your banner, button or text link with your unique code, our software registers the visit and keeps track of it. At the end of the quarter, we send a check to our affiliates. Here is what we pay;
A $15.00 one time commission when someone clicks through, signs up, purchases a hosting account, and remains active for at least 60 days.

The second way you can earn money is that we have introduced a unique tiered affiliate system. If a user clicks through on your web site and becomes an affiliate like yourself, they are setup under your 2nd level tier. Any sales that they generate you will receive a $5 one time commission, and they would receive the normal $15.00 one time commission as well. This way you can make money even if you did not directly refer the customer, but rather was a casual factor in giving us that new business.

Check it out: