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    I do have some templates for sale which you might be interested in:

    What`s included?

    Main page and sub page both in HTML format
    Design sources (PSD, Fonts and related)
    Design will only be sold once
    Customization to text, button or simple graphic is free
    Please contact us for custom web site design, redesign, or full web design.

    Template 04:

    Template 03:

    Template 02:

    Template 01:

    Custom web design?

    Portfolio & Services: for more info.

    BISM, Thanks... - Volize Web Solutions
    design - development - hosting

    Design Clearance! Cheap! -

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    524 - We would like to take the job for $60.
    AIM: AtonexCOM

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    If you need a webdesigner or programmer for your website or clients, sign up for a free account at Keropee (www.************).

    Keropee is a service that connects project managers with freelance webdesigners/programmers.

    Signup and posting of projects is free. Only when you choose a freelancer, the commission will be applied.

    We hope we may welcome you to the Keropee community!

    With kind regards,

    Webmistress www.************
    Freelance Outsourcement Lab

    PS. We have started for about 2 weeks and already have 60+ freelancers ready to make a bid on your project.

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    I didn't set my portfolio up just yet, however I do have couple of things ready. Please contact me by AIM, I can do your work for free. I'm online 24/7, lata

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    We have this Its simple tho, because we make most layouts custom. We'll customize it with alot more graphics and things. If you like it contact the contact info on the layout.

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    check out

    This template has never been sold before, and will not be resold if you decide to purchase it. We can work out a reasonable price...please PM me or send me an email or post here.

    Thank you for your consideration

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