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    I have to set three settings on my server -- CPU Time Allowed, Memory Allowed to CGI and Process Limit. Is there such a thing as an industry standard for these settings? What's considered too much or too little?

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    Sounds like you have a Linux server at Dialtone. If so, read the description page on the interface about this it says:

    CPU Time Allows is the total number of seconds a process can use the CPU before the operating system terminates it. Note that a process rarely gets to use the CPU for full seconds; the operating system gives out timeslices which are measured in very small fractions of a second

    Memory allowed to CGI's is the amount of memory, in bytes, each CGI can use before the operating system terminates it.

    Process Limit limits how many processes each Apache child can have running at once in the virtual host. Each "connection" from a client has it's own Apache child, so this is of limited use. However, it can prevent CGI's from forking off many subprocesses, and thus will help prevent denial of service from lack of resources.

    and then ask their tech support if you still have questions. I'm sure they will explain this for you in more detail.

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