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    Professional web design firm for sale! Bids start at $500.

    Alright guys and gals. I've been selected as a broker to sell this website / firm.

    =================== is up for sale.

    You will be provided with the following:

    - The website including all sources
    - Existing client contacts
    - Name and Domain name

    The owner is selling as he wants to focus on his new study. Currently his order portfolio is empty, but he has current client contacts and receives a few inquires every week.

    Please email [email protected] with your bids or any questions.

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    Link is down...

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    Try again. Server was rebooted a few min ago.

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    Nice site..

    I figure i'm probably a bit in the dark on the subject here, but i'm curious how purchasing something like this provides any benefit to the buyer. A customer looking at the site will most likely decide on using the services provided because they like the design. Seeing that everyone has their own method of design, it seems unlikely that you'd reproduce a purchased style. If this were the case, I would imagine it to be misleading for potential customers and clients. Once again I may be way off, but i'm just curious.

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    A well designed website does attract more inquiries, however that does not mean that you should take every inquiry. You should of course only take those you feel you can fulfill.

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    I PMed you.

    Andrew Lee, President
    Bravo Communications LLC
    "Talk is Cheap. Free Speech Isn't."

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    What are you selling? The entire company? What does that get me? Clients? Just the site? Please specify. I'm interested.

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    The entire firm, which exists of:
    - the website and other designs made
    - client contact lists and prospective clients lists
    - domain name

    Hakweb does not offer web hosting to its clients, so there is an opportunity available there.

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    I'd be interested, but I'm B R O K E!

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