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    Hello this is Mike and I had a dedicated server with I signed up with their free dedicated server on May 25, 2000 early in the morning. I asked them if they could get it up and running Friday 26 at 4:00 P.M EST. I checked my mail to see if it was ready Friday. Nothing. I called their number and they told me it should be up at 5:00 tonight and you will get a email with all of the information. I checked at 5:00 to see if I hade anything. I waited until 5:25. Five minutes before they closed. They said there putting it up right now and told me to check my mail around 6:00. I waited and waited all night for my server information. I did not get it that night at all. I called there pager, 2 numbers, and I emailed them Saturday and Sunday. No one picked up or called me back. I called WHHQ Monday around 1:00 P.M EST. They said sorry for the delay my wife just has a baby and the server will not be up until tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 9:00. I was gone the whole day at school. I checked back at 4:00. I finally got my server information. I read the time they sent it to me. It read 11:32. They were couple hours off. So already they are kind of bad services but wait there is more that happened. When I got the server information I put it in the FTP to see everything and to check to see everything was working. Well everything was not working. I could not upload files it gave me permission denied. I called WHHQ at 4:10 asking if they could fix that and asking where the control panel is located. They told me it should be up some time before 6:00 tonight. I called them 3 times 4:20-5:30 and they told me they where uploading it right now. I checked in the server at 6:30 P.M to see where the control panel was located. There was NO control panel. They said they would of set it up. I called back the next day (Thursday) same thing happened no control panel and told me it should be ready at 5:30 P.M. I waited all night. Still nothing in the server. Next day I called them and they said it was ready and it was located at my IP. So I went to the control panel to login. Then guess what happened? Password was incorrect. So the person I was working with put me on hold. I was on hold for about 25 minutes. I hung up finally because the phone was hurting my ear. I finally went back to the control panel later that night and it worked. I started creating accounts. That worked. I made the clients password and username and all. I tested it out in the FTP to see if I could upload files and make new directories. It gave me permission denied. I got 2 programmers on it to try to fix it. They both said that WHHQ had to. By then it was Thursday night. A week since I ordered the server and still nothing works. I called them Friday. It was busy or the answering services came up or they transferred me to a mailbox. By then I got the catch for the free server. They have bad tech-support and they donít know how to program as much as they should. I tried to call them all night long all Saturday and Sunday. I paged them 10 times and left a message for 5 people. I did not get a reply. I also emailed them Friday and the email came back saying not found. The email I put it was That is what they told me to put. Well today is June 5. I left there services. They where kind of pissed at me of leaving and telling them they donít have the services I am looking for. They transferred me to the manager. I had to give him my domain. I said my domain. He was trying to find out how it is spelled. I told it to him 3 times then I spelled each letter out saying one letter at a time one letter every 5 seconds. He replyed back 30 seconds later spelling it wrong. Then finally he got it right!! Then he went on telling me I was stupid and not know how to change the IPís at network solutions. I told him I did change the IP the day I got the server. And when I changed it went back to my old server IP. I waited for 3 days to change the information. It said it updated the IP on the page but it gave me the old server IP. I tried it again and same thing happened. I got 2 DNS from them. I tried it on a client and it did the same thing. So they where yelling at me calling me studied when I did try to change the IP to the right thing. And it did not work. I told them very nicely it was their problem not mine and your IPís where getting rejected from network solutions. I called network solutions and they said the IPís should of changed it is not your problem or ours it is your host. I had 2 more other problems I believe I had. But I donít want to hurt WHHQ so much they go out of business. If you know what I mean. -=I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW PLEASE DO NOT THINK ABOUT WHHQ FOR YOUR DEDICATED SERVER HOST. I AM NOT SURE ABOUNT THERE REGULAR HOSTING BUT I THINK THE SAME PROBLEMS BECUASE THEY HAVE NO TECH-SUPPORT=-.
    Thank you for reading about WHHQ and if you have any questions please contact me at:
    I am not trying to put down and out of business and I just want everyone to know that is not the best and how hosting companys say they have 24/7 tech-support but really they donít - Mike

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    It looks like these folks are just starting
    to sell dedicated servers, I wonder if they
    have more than 400 SQ FT room, at least is
    what I can see from their office picture.
    Also If you use a multiple trace route tool on, or site you will see that they have a T1 a UUnet only. Plus it looks like they are trying to copy Dialtone Internet at least the pricing page.

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    Yes I saw them copy stuff from You just had to take it a look in there HTML. But I think they fixed it so it does not show it anymore.

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